Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Swastikas and Star of David

It was a little disconcerting here seeing swasti - kas everywhere on signs walls jewelry and textiles. These swasti-kas differ in that the wings rotate clockwise. We are now studying the chakras and I learned something interesting about this symbol. It has a direct relationship to the 6 pointed star (Star of David). The 6 pointed star is associated with the heart chakra and so is the swasti-ka. They both have the same meaning, balance of spirit in the body. The swasti-ka's literal meaning is to become pure and good.

Had a wonderful massage today and oil treatment on my head called Siro Harrah. Afterwards I put a scarf on my head to protect the hair and oils from dust. I walked to town for e-mail business and shopping. In a jewelry shop there stood a tall man, long beard dressed in black with tsit tsit hanging from his coat. In his hand was a lulav and an etrog. I think he mistook me for a babooshka and began greeting me in Hebrew. I responded in Hebrew. He was delighted. He held up the lulav and asked, "do you know what this is?" So i said yes, that's a lulav and an etrog in your other hand. He then prayed over these items and I joined him in a rousing shehechianoo. He asked that I join him and his wife tomorrow evening at the Chabad House in Rishikesh to celebrate Simchat Torah. I had to decline as I had classes until 9PM that night. Who knew! Chabadniks in India!

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